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Which cows on the dairy are your favorite?
Getting out into the barn and walking behind your cows is the best way to pinpoint which traits you like and which ones you do not like. Evaluate the whole herd before answering this first question. Start by looking at the young cows, fresh cows, and then work your way to the pens with older cows. While walking through the cows, ask yourself questions like:

In 5 years, do I want my cows to be bigger, smaller, or the same size?

This question will help you think critically about which linear traits are important when reaching your goals, if any. The goal of every farmer is to increase profit. In certain situations, this means you should shift your focus away from linears and re-focus on traits that directly impact profitability. When looking at a linear, we’ve been trained to want to see all the bars heavily weighted towards the right.